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To My Dad on Father’s Day, from Michael Jordan…

In quest to find the perfect Father’s Day gift, I tuned to Youtube to find some inspiration and came across this gem.  I remember watching this in awe as it occurred.  Watching it now only reminds me of how compelling the Chicago Bulls were to watch in the 90’s.  After losing his father, Michael Jordan came out on Father’s Day 1996 to clinch the 4th title for the Chicago Bulls in 6 years (which probably would have been the 6th title in 6 years had he not gone off and played baseball..ughhh).

Watch this clip, and then go hug your Dad.  If your Dad is uncomfortable with hugs, give him a firm handshake instead.


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24’s Still Here, But 23… Not So Much

Did Glaceau VitaminWater jump the gun with its recent advertising campaign? Sure, Kobe and LeBron is the new hot rivalry in the NBA.  But was this ad displayed too soon?  Not only does this commercial feature inexcusably horrible dialogue, but it is now basically irrelevant with the Magic eliminating the Cavs from the NBA playoffs.  Yes,  Kobe and LeBron will go at it again next year.  But hey, Glaceau – anyway you can get Dwight Howard in there for LeBron?  I’d even settle for some Turkoglu action!

And Nike, you aren’t off the hook either, but I have already went at you in the last post. (See below).

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Where Copyright Infringement Happens…



You Decide.

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The Unwritten Law of Playoff Video Gaming

When it is playoff time in a professional league, there is an unwritten law between sports gamers.  If I hop into an online game and choose a team involved in a current playoff matchup, I expect my opponent to get the hint and choose the appropriate team also involved in the real life contest.   This weekend, if I go Magic, my opponent goes Cavs.  If I go Man U, my opponent goes Barcelona.  It’s a beautiful understanding I have noticed between hardcore sports gamers. I mean, we are talking about the playoffs.  Yes, Jim Mora,  PLAYOFFS!


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LeBron James does one thing better than MJ..

Star in video games.  No holding out of the NBA Players Union or basketball video games due to having your own license.  I grew up idolizing Jordan, but was disappointed when I could not play with him in multiple iterations of basketball video games.  While MJ popped in and out of editions of NBA Live, NBA Street, and let’s not forget, Space Jam (the video game), LeBron has consistently remained in every NBA-licensed basketball title released during his young and blossoming-by-the-minute career.  Thanks, LeBron.  Oh and thank you for this as well:

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Free Online Sports Games: The Future?

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal ran an interesting feature on the rising popularity of free online sports games.  In tough economic times, free browser-based sports games are catching on with consumers looking to save money.  Games such as MLB Dugout Heroes, a free online baseball game produced by OnNet Inc. (with the MLB license), have found success with those looking to jump into a quick and fun gaming experience on their PCs.  


The future, Conan?

The future, Conan?


There are certainly lower entry barriers to playing sports games online on your PC as opposed to home consoles.  For example, one does not need to invest in an expensive console setup to enjoy playing an interactive sports game.  However, as a lifelong console sports gamer, I am not ready to trade in my controller for a mouse and PC.  The experiences in such games, despite being affordable and easily accesible,  are nowhere near as deep as they are on established console sports games.

Nevertheless, the article is a great read on a new phenomenon occurring in the sports gaming world.  This is a definite read.


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Is The BIGS 2 Healthy for Major League Baseball’s Image?

Probably not, but it sure will be fun! I can’t help but think Bud Selig is cringing at the thought of the imminent release of 2K Sports’ The BIGS 2.  Check that.  I doubt Bud Selig has played anything past Pong.  Ping Pong.   It’s safe to say however, that 2K has left out steroid testing in its upcoming sequel.  

In all seriousness, I find it hard to believe that Major League Baseball is comfortable with supporting the marketing efforts of TB2.  Don’t get me wrong, the series itself is a blast to play, and I am already mentally preparing myself for some intense office battles.  But as MLB makes every move possible to distance itself and its image away from the tainted steroid era, a game that features player models that make Barry Bonds look like a beanpole can’t be helpful in conquering the asterisk.


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