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Seasonal Sports Gamers Anonymous (well not so much).

Is it just me who believes that the experience of playing sports games is top quality when a game is played parallel to its actual professional season? Throughout my many years of gaming, I have always found myself more immersed in a title when it is played as its counterpart professional league is in-season. This weekend, I had an incredible urge to simulate the NBA playoffs in NBA 2K9. Likewise, I started up a few games of MLB 09 after watching the Yankee game on Saturday.

Am I the only member of Seasonal Sports Gamers Anonymous? Post your thoughts below!


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The Wait is Over! Video Game Professional

So folks, updates to the site have been slow this week (at least you have that awesome MLB 09 review to read over and over again).  But this is all for good reason – I am no longer an intern, but a full-time video game professional!  That being said, I look forward to continuing this blog and I have big things coming up (can anyone say podcast, videos, etc.?).  Of course, a lot of these updates will occur on weekends now, because, well, I have a job 🙂 .    Oh, and all views on this site are my own!  Thanks for all those who supported me in and out of the industry as I searched for full-time work in the industry I love.

For now, enjoy some Kanye, who was a major influence in getting me through the dry spell.

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More from GDC ’09…

So, today I had some time off from office duties to hit up the North Hall Expo Floor.  Some really awesome stuff on display.  The big buzz is all around OnLive, which if you haven’t heard much about, you will in the future.  There were some great exhibits (Sony’s Lounge was a real draw).

As far as sports gaming goes, there were multiple things on display that could have a large impact on sports gaming in the future. Motion capturing seems to be all the rage right now at GDC, and I expect further implementation and an expansion of this technology in all upcoming games, be it in any genre.

I have a lot to say, but also a red-eye to catch tonight back to NYC.  I will post more on GDC, with pics included, this weekend.

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GDC Impressions So Far…

So, having the awesome opportunity to attend this year’s GDC, here are a few quick things I’ve noticed so far.

1. A lot of business goes down outside the actual conference. Sure, the floor at the Moscone Center is filled with many companies in a variety of different areas in the gaming industry (publishers, developers, etc.). But for the marketers, business is being talked up at company parties, surrounding hotels, restaurants, and even on the streets directly outside the Moscone Center. Pretty interesting to observe.

2. Twitter has a huge role in GDC ’09. People are exchanging Twitter names left and right. Tweets from people attending keynotes have become frequent. You do not even have to be on the show floor to know exactly what is going on – the Twitterverse has you covered.

3. The economy is still a factor. For as many companies that are here, there are a lot of companies missing. Booths are not huge, parties somewhat scaled back (from what I have heard- as this is my first year at GDC).

All in all, this is still a very exciting event, and an amazing way to see how the gaming industry all converges and comes together for a week in San Francisco.


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AndyTheGiant @ GDC 09

1234620983gdc09_0Hey everyone.  I’m currently in San Francisco for GDC ’09.  Looking forward to hitting the floor up today and I’ll be sure to bring you some impressions.  Stay tuned!

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Updates, Shout Outs…

So I have not posted in a while, but fear not! I intend to upgrade the site ASAP and post every day (if I can tear myself away from twitter and the recent releases of Killzone 2 and Halo Wars).

First off, I’d like to give a shout out to Rachel Steinberg, a colleague of mine who has an awesome unemployment blog that inspires me to re-haul this entire site. She won’t be unemployed for long, so before it’s too late, go and check out her blog at

I’d also like to give “mad props” to Capcom for hosting a blood drive in LA to promote the imminent launch of Resident Evil 5. Finding ways to give back to the community during the promotion of a game is something that every developer/marketer needs to look into doing. This promotion ties in perfectly to RE5 and really provides a great service to the LA area. Best of luck to Capcom! Check out the link at Planet Xbox 360: RE5 Blood Drive.

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