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GDC 09 in Pictures…

Wow. What a week. The Game Developers Conference may have wrapped up, but I still have a little left over from the week-long event to post about. The big news coming out of GDC seems to be the announcement and unveiling of “OnLive”. OnLive, a digital distribution service that has been in development for the past seven years, will hypothetically allow you to instantly play games on “any device” through streaming, could shake up the industry if it takes off. MacWorld has a nice article that will fill you in on what we know so far about it:

OnLive was one of the many things I got to see as I browsed the GDC floors. Have a look at what else I saw.


Will OnLive change gaming? It’s way to early to tell. But this little device pictured below sure shook things up at GDC.


One thing for sure is that the gaming industry is going strong. GDC brought together developers, publishers, and consumers to San Francisco to share the latest in gaming. It was a great experience, and I hope that this is only the first of many GDCs I attend.


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AndyTheGiant.com is LIVE!

If I can get a site up and running, ANYTHING IS POSS-UHHH-BULLLL!!! Finally settled on “AndyTheGiant.com”  Yeah, it is my GamerTag as well… 360 marketing all the way!

AndyTheGiant is up just in time for some live blogging from GDC ’09 next week.  Hope your brackets are doing well!

Stay tuned!


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