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My Top 5 “Earth Day-Centric” Video Games

Earth Day has inspired me to post a top 5 of games that made me think of “saving the environment”. Now I am all about being eco-friendly, so let’s take a look at the games that contributed to this mindset:

5. Metal Gear Solid 3


Nothing like learning to appreciate the environment by blending in with it to survive. Between putting on camoflague, hunting in the jungle for food, or taking on crazy bosses surrounded by bees, MGS3 is for the tree hugger in all of us.

4. Madden 09


Hmm, two words: Weather effects. Having the rain cost me some yards while rushing with Brandon Jacobs, or the wind disrupt Eli’s throwing (no playoff jokes, guys), made me think heavily about the effects of global climate change

3. Super Mario World


Okay, this is a stretch. But as one of the first games that I officially became obsessed with as a kid, I appreciated the world Mario fought to protect against Bowser. This made my want to protect my own world, the Planet Earth.. Let’s move on.

2. Fallout 3


Nothing like a nuclear wasteland to make you realize the importance of trees, lakes, breathable air….

1. Duck Hunt


At an early age, I learned it is important to appreciate the marshlands and protect wildlife santuaries. A lesson one is never too young to learn. Thanks NES!

In all seriousness, REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE folks! Earth Day FTW!



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Weekend Update – Fantasy Baseball Edition

Good weekend to all 37 of you you have taken the time to visit the site! Much thanks. Keep coming and spread the word!

Exciting time for me this weekend. My fantasy baseball draft is tomorrow. I’ll probably take the day off from job hunting and concentrate on scouting. I think my addiction to fantasy sports is growing close to that of my addiction to sports video games. I guess the two are very closely linked. Both deal with taking control of professional players and making you feel more immersed in the professional sports world.

EA got the ball rolling with some fantasy integration this year for Madden 09. I’d love to easily take my fantasy rosters online, be able to simulate matches (and play in them), receive scouting feedback based off of these matchups, etc. I think EA’s efforts last year were definitely a step in the right direction, and I’d love to see a deeper connection between fantasy sports and sports video games.

What do you guys think? How can fantasy sports be further integrated into sports video games?

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