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To My Dad on Father’s Day, from Michael Jordan…

In quest to find the perfect Father’s Day gift, I tuned to Youtube to find some inspiration and came across this gem.  I remember watching this in awe as it occurred.  Watching it now only reminds me of how compelling the Chicago Bulls were to watch in the 90’s.  After losing his father, Michael Jordan came out on Father’s Day 1996 to clinch the 4th title for the Chicago Bulls in 6 years (which probably would have been the 6th title in 6 years had he not gone off and played baseball..ughhh).

Watch this clip, and then go hug your Dad.  If your Dad is uncomfortable with hugs, give him a firm handshake instead.


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LeBron James does one thing better than MJ..

Star in video games.  No holding out of the NBA Players Union or basketball video games due to having your own license.  I grew up idolizing Jordan, but was disappointed when I could not play with him in multiple iterations of basketball video games.  While MJ popped in and out of editions of NBA Live, NBA Street, and let’s not forget, Space Jam (the video game), LeBron has consistently remained in every NBA-licensed basketball title released during his young and blossoming-by-the-minute career.  Thanks, LeBron.  Oh and thank you for this as well:

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