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24’s Still Here, But 23… Not So Much

Did Glaceau VitaminWater jump the gun with its recent advertising campaign? Sure, Kobe and LeBron is the new hot rivalry in the NBA.  But was this ad displayed too soon?  Not only does this commercial feature inexcusably horrible dialogue, but it is now basically irrelevant with the Magic eliminating the Cavs from the NBA playoffs.  Yes,  Kobe and LeBron will go at it again next year.  But hey, Glaceau – anyway you can get Dwight Howard in there for LeBron?  I’d even settle for some Turkoglu action!

And Nike, you aren’t off the hook either, but I have already went at you in the last post. (See below).


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The Unwritten Law of Playoff Video Gaming

When it is playoff time in a professional league, there is an unwritten law between sports gamers.  If I hop into an online game and choose a team involved in a current playoff matchup, I expect my opponent to get the hint and choose the appropriate team also involved in the real life contest.   This weekend, if I go Magic, my opponent goes Cavs.  If I go Man U, my opponent goes Barcelona.  It’s a beautiful understanding I have noticed between hardcore sports gamers. I mean, we are talking about the playoffs.  Yes, Jim Mora,  PLAYOFFS!


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