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Updates and thanks…

Hey  and thanks to all those who are joining me on my job hunt.  I’ve updated the blog with a section containing some of my creative work from my portfolio.  

I’m also abusing the hell out of my Twitter account (which is scary since I only really started using it yesterday).  It really is a great way to communicate and network with a lot of different people. 

On the gaming front, I played a few games of NBA 2K9 today.  I am finally getting better at it, after actually reading the manual and learning some of the off the ball controls.  Hopefully I can get the Knicks to the championship before Lebron arrives in 2010.  (Shout out to Nate Robinson on winning the Dunk Contest!  Nate, you give all 5 foot-something ballers like myself hope.)

Finally, if you do add me on Xbox Live, you might notice that my Gamerscore is a pathetic “15”.  I had to create a new profile on XBox Live when I bought my new Xbox 360 (old one died- sold it- it’s a long story).  In time, I will get it to a respectable level (probably as soon as Madden 10 comes out, as I have been playing 09 on PS3 before I re-bought 360).  Killzone 2 looks to probably take a good chunk of 360 time away from me as well.

Thanks again for following and as always, look forward to hearing back from you!




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